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  • 9 Glute-Focused Workouts – Deliver that standout performance and improve your power, stability and control with these simple, 15-minute workouts.
  • Strategies To Prevent Injuries – Become a healthier, stronger dancer with these proven strategies to reduce hip pinching, snapping, and other leg injuries.
  • Workout PDF – Save your workouts to your device and always have the info you need to reduce hip snapping, improve flexibility, and boost jump height.
  • Bonus Cross Training Workouts – Get access to 2 more intense, full-body workouts to improve your fitness and strength outside of rehearsals or classes.

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DPT’s glute tune-up is an amazing recalibration tool to have in my back pocket as an artistic athlete. As someone who is very hypermobile with very shallow hip sockets, it’s easy for me to slip into an anterior pelvic tilt and dump into my low back and quads, which then turns off the glutes and makes dancing a struggle. This program helps me immensely to keep my glutes firing and to keep the muscles of my hip area working in a more balanced way. I highly recommend the glute tune-up to all artistic athletes, whether you are a student or a professional.
Lauren Stenroos
Cleveland Ballet
Before starting DPT’s Glute tone up program I had the same few glute exercises that I would gravitate towards. This program broadened my workouts/warm-ups with cool new exercises and kept things fresh and effective. I loved that the circuits got the whole body involved while maintaining a focus on glutes. Highly recommend!
Sareen Tchekmedyian

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By downloading this FREE and unique training program, your next standout performance is within reach. Improve your glute strength and control with simple, targeted exercises from a Doctor of Physiotherapy.

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