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Dancer Physique Workout Program

15 Effective, Easy-to-Follow home workouts to take you to your next stand-out performance

The Dancer Physique Workout Program by Dance Performance Training gives you short, targeted workouts you can do from home to improve performance, increase flexibility, and stay in shape – regardless of where you’re at right now.

With support from a Doctor of Physical Therapy and certified personal trainers in a comprehensive mobile application, you’ll learn how to easily reach your artistic aspirations by maintaining effective workouts that don’t eat into your busy schedule.

Stand out from the competition and take the first step to achieving your full potential!

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Are you ready to discover the missing link in your training routine that’s stopping you from reaching the next level?

Let’s be real for a second.

Dance is more high impact and physically demanding than ever before. And the truth is, conventional, outdated approaches to training typically neglect your body, health and long term prospects.

If you’re like most dancers, you might be struggling to balance workouts and practice. Without the right approach, you could be feeling fatigued and – even worse – at risk of injury from overuse. And nobody wants that. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than watching from the wings.

If you’ve ever experienced a negative effect as a result of your training, it’s likely you’re putting too much stress on your muscles and joints without strengthening your body outside of rehearsals or classes.

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But there is a solution…

Building a career as an Artistic Athlete requires a sustainable approach to strengthening your body and preventing injury. And that’s where we come in. The Dancer Physique Program focuses on cross-training routines with movements specific to dancers that improve flexibility, power, and fitness.

With the support of specialist coaches, you can start to feel comfortable and confident with your training routine, work out like an Artistic Athlete and turn heads with stand out performances when it matters most.

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Fine-tune your physique with  a program that fits perfectly into the demanding lifestyle of an artistic athlete!

Designed with your schedule in mind, The Dancer Physique Program provides effective and time-efficient exercises to fit around your hectic routine. This program is specifically designed for Artistic Athletes and allows you to live a more energetic, sustainable lifestyle while minimizing the risk of serious injury. Whether you’re a new dancer just starting out or a seasoned professional looking to take the next step in your career, the Dancer Physique Workout Program will give your performance a new edge. We use cross-training to bridge the gap between dance practice and fitness training in a way that helps you strengthen your body while improving your dance skill and technique. This program gives you everything you need to train your muscles for power while improving your dance technique – helping you achieve quick results with workouts specific to dance that help you stay fit and lean.
  • Achieve your best shape and get your life back from a demanding schedule.
  • Improve your skills and technique in performances and competitions.
  • Approach training in a new way that treats you like the athlete you are.
  • Reduce the risk of injury and strengthen your body specifically for dance.
  • Perform at your best and finally see what level you are capable of reaching.

Here’s everything you get with the Dance Physique Workout Program

In this unique, 15-workout program, you’ll get access to in-app video tutorials (alongside bonus material and a private Facebook community!) designed to improve your training routine and help you deliver jaw-dropping performances.

Through regular support from specialist coaches that understand the biomechanics behind training for dance, this program introduces all the techniques you need to improve your form and physique.

You’ll boost your flexibility, extension height, jumps, turns and muscle control with movements that add functional muscle without getting bulky. More than anything, these specialized routines will transform the way you approach training as an Artistic Athlete so you can finally see real, long-term progress.

15 band and bodyweight exercises (done in just 30 minutes!) that easily fit around your lifestyle to provide effective dance focused cross-training.

Access to the Dancer Success Calendar for training, planning and goal tracking so you build a sustainable, effective schedule for your cross-training.

Our guide debunks 10 top myths about flexibility with videos to show best practice and provide deeper insight.

In-app videos and messaging support from your experienced and certified coaches, dedicated to guiding Artistic Athletes towards their full potential.

Live Q&As with your coaches in a private Facebook group that connects you to like-minded dancers and keeps you motivated to achieve your goals.

Get the support you need to understand self care, training routines and best practice so you can take your dance performance to new heights.

A total value of $400, all included now for just $47!

Meet your coaches, who are going to change your life!

Hi! We’re Scott and Nicole – and we’re here to get you from where you are to where you want to be when it comes to your dance performance.

How do we know? Because we’ve been in the exact position that you are now. And we’ve helped so many artistic athletes stay toned, improve flexibility, and get the most out of their dance ability.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy (that’s Scott!), a former professional dancer (that’s Nicole!) and certified personal trainers (that’s both of us!) – we’re the perfect combo for helping people just like you achieve their targets and reach new heights in their career.

With our Dancer Physique Workout Program, we’ll guide you through some proven strategies to improve your dance technique and build a stronger body. Together, we can help you get real, measurable results!

Dance Performance Training has helped HUNDREDS of artistic athletes achieve their best performance physique…

Now it can do the same for you!

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