Achilles Tendinopathy Phase 4

Fix It Friday will feature common injuries/difficulties in dancers with a few tips to improve or prevent them!

This is phase 4 of our Achilles Tendinopathy Series! Check out phase 1 here, phase 2 here, and phase 3 here.

Hopefully you’ve seen the first 3 phases of this and since the injury is so common in dance, we recommend mixing these in from time to time to protect yourself!

  • Single Leg Balance in Releve: We add a band pull apart here to increase the challenge, but can toss a ball, turn your head, or even try with your eyes closed. Try to limit your other foot resting on your leg though!
  • Single Leg Hops (Slow to Fast): Slow hops are great for control and power, while the quick hops will build up the tendon even more. Focus on decreasing the time your foot spends on the ground, get back in the air quick! (10-15 is plenty to start)
  • Forward to Backward Lunges: This movement integrates your whole leg, balance, strength and stability. Do both sides as they train the achilles differently. Make sure you’re near a wall or something for balance support the first time you do it and keep whichever foot is in front flat and whichever foot goes to the back, heel straight in the air as you lower down.

This is not medical advice. This is general exercises performed for this condition. Please seek professional advice for injuries or pain persisting over time. If general exercise gives you pain, you likely need more specific and direct attention. Take care of your body.

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Scott DPT

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