Lower Back Pain with Extension/Arching – Phase 2


This is Phase 2 of this series, come back in two weeks to see what exercises to do next if these are helping! Also check out phase 1 here.

Low Back Pain is very common & caused by many things. For most, being active & improving core is a great start. To build off last week’s acute pain, here’s how to increase the challenge once pain has gone down some. This is specific to if your back hurts when extending/arching.

  • SBall T Rollout: This move is primarily for rehab & is awkward. But it challenges smaller & larger muscles (multifidus, paraspinals, etc.). Start w/ 5 reps/side & increase hold up to 10 secs
  • Prone Leg Raise: Challenge the core & back muscles to lift legs without increased arch in lower back. Once can do 20 reps, may hold weight between feet. As becomes easier & pain free, increase range & have a friend make sure the length of the back is extending, not just one spot. 5-20 reps
  • Side Plank Leg Reach: We’ll get the quadratus lumborum a bit more active in this variation of side planks. Continue to hold top of side plank & limit arch or rounding of lower back while moving the leg. 10 reps/side, increased hold as needed.

Every exercise should feel hard, but not impossible. Start with higher reps, then as able, increase resistance as get into the lower rep range.

Repeat these exercises 3 times 3-4 days a week. Can decrease to 2-3 times per week when feeling better and incorporate new exercises we’ll share in coming weeks. If pain is already very high, unlikely a few exercises will help, you need a more specialized program. Fix It just features 3 exercises we use for given challenges.

This is not medical advice. This is general exercises performed for this condition. Please seek professional advice for injuries or pain persisting over time. If general exercise gives you pain, you likely need more specific and direct attention. Take care of your body.

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Scott DPT

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