Single Leg Stance with Upper Body Figure 8 – Dynamic Balance and Shoulder Endurance

Give this move a try to improve your balance and shoulder endurance! 

This will improve control, stability, and balance in your dance.

Let’s face it, most dancers don’t get enough upper body work, so we like to mix it in where we can. Also, you’ve probably not tried a balance move like this, way more dance specific than standing on a bosu! If you like it, we’d love you to share a video of yourself trying it and tag us!

  • Hold a light medicine ball or weight, (2-5 lbs is good for a start), then stand on one leg, not letting the lifted leg tough the other. From here keep your heel down as bend your knee about 15-20 degrees. Hold this position as your extend you draw an “8” in front of you. The quicker and wider you draw the 8, the more you have to work to keep your knee and leg stable!

Give it a try & let us know what you think below.

Move It Monday will feature a new movement, for all fitness levels, to help improve your dance performance and safety.

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Scott DPT

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