Fix It Friday – Better Core Work #4 Plank Variations

Fix It Friday will feature common injuries/difficulties in dancers with a few tips to improve or prevent them!

This is phase 4 of our guide to better core activation! Check out phase 1 here. Phase 2 & 3 on our social media pages.

The core plays such an important role in all of our exercises and dance movements. Too often we aren’t actually activating the way we should be, so we have 3 videos prior to this to help work your way up. Once you have the proper deep abdominal brace position, just doing the same old plank can get boring and isn’t as effective. Here we highlight 3 new dynamic stability plank variations to turn the notch up! You can use this as a tough finisher or standalone core workout, completing as many good reps of each as possible.

  • Stir the Pot: Once you can plank, then you move onto planks with arms on the ball. Next we add ball movements. For this one you slowly make circles with the ball, just be sure to alternate directions to keep it even. The larger the circle, the harder the movement is.
  • Plate Drags: Moving weights without letting your plank position or body move is also a tough challenge. Start with something light, 2.5-5 lbs and progress as you are able. You can move a single weight back & forth underneath you (on elbows or hands is fine) or stack a few on one side. Then move them all before switching to the other side. Just keep your body and hips in place!
  • Hip Rotations on Sball: Back on the stability ball. This time your shins rest on the ball and your let the ball rotate under control from side to side not letting your lower back dip down or losing control on the movement.

This is not medical advice. This is general exercises performed for this condition. Please seek professional advice for injuries or pain persisting over time. If general exercise gives you pain, you likely need more specific and direct attention. Take care of your body.
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