Cable Pull Through – Glute/Hip Hinge Strengthener

Give this move a try to strength your glutes/hips for better jumps, balance, stability, and control of your legs!

Be sure to give it a try mixed into your conditioning or on its own and let us know what you think.

If you’ve been following us for awhile you’ve heard of the “hip hinge”. I teach it at most of my dance schools as well. It’s the best way to increase glute recruitment for some serious gains. This move is tough to master, but great at continuing to build that strength. Tag someone below you think needs or will enjoy this move!

  • Start by holding a rope attached to a cable machine with the anchor around knee level. Can also use a resistance band anchored the same way. Step out so plenty of space between you & the anchor.
  • Then you’ll hold core tight, spine/head in neutral, allow just slight bend in your knees, as you push your butt toward the anchor. Movement only at the hips. Reach hands toward the anchor without shoulders dropping forward. Go until small pull in hamstrings/glutes. Pause, then return to the start.

You can mix this move into any circuit/workout, or do on its own for some increased hip work. We try to increase the weight when it gets comfortable, typically only 8-14 reps with weights from 40 lb, up to 130+ lb, depending on form and strength.

Move It Monday will feature a new exercise movement for you weekly, for all fitness levels, to help improve your safety and performance, especially with dance.

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Scott DPT

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