Full Body Workout

Work It Wednesday will feature a new dance specific workout for you every week!

We’ve tested every workout out on ourselves and at least one of our dance schools.

  • Improve your Spinal Stability with this quick full-body workout geared towards your core, posture, and spinal position! We did 6 rounds of 45 seconds of each exercise and 15 seconds of rest. You can increase rest if needed or shorten the rounds if low on time!
    • Stability Ball Rollout: Great core and shoulder move, keep hips and spine flat as you try to push arms slightly forward. 
      • Resist the low back arching down or ribs flaring in the front. Control the move.
    • Bent Over Row/T: Static hip stretching, shoulder positioning, and again control of your spine! Don’t let your back round or overextend.
      • Keeping hip and back position and standing on a band, pull band with elbows close to body, to you stomach. Slowly lower and pull out to sides like making a “T” with your arms.
      • Hold the band low and tight enough to make the move a challenge, but not too hard. Focus on squeezing shoulder blades together during each movement.
    • Hollow Hold w/ Alt Toe Taps: Burn that core! Try to keep lower back flat and shoulders slightly off the ground. One arm and opposite leg touch and slowly return to start. Don’t arch your neck.
    • Squats: Drill to control hips, back, and overall leg strength. Don’t let knees come in, while focus on “sitting backward” with your hips, not letting knees push forward or coming in to each other.
      • Spine is straight, not rounding forward.

To keep up with the workouts, follow along here or on any of our social media platforms.

Scott DPT

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