Work It: Glute Burner Workout

Try out this sample workout from our new Artistic Athlete Glute Tune Up Program!


Check out this great glute focused workout, which is a sample of one of our workouts from our Artistic Athlete Glute Tune Up program. We get a lot of requests from our clients on how to engage their glutes better or them stating they don’t feel their glutes working. This is just one sample of our exercises to help change that. This is an advanced workout, so adjust as needed.

For this workout you will be doing 3-5 rounds of each exercise, trying to get as many reps as possible with 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest.

  • Allongée Swiveling Glute-Burners: Using barre lightly for assist, stand on one leg & bring other leg to a passé position, Keeping your hips stable, plié & swivel your knee in front of your other leg, then turn the knee back out to passé position. It is very easy to engage more of the front of your hip in this one, so really focus to engage the glutes. When you come up from the plié, your knee should go out to the side before going up. Slow it down as needed or comment with any questions.
  • SL RDL OH Reach: If you have trouble with SL RDLs, skip the band. Otherwise this will increase the hip demand while also working your shoulder blade stability. Hold a tight band and pull it apart throughout the movement. As you perform the RDL, stance knee staying in the same slight bend throughout (no up and down movement and not letting it fall backward into full extension), push your other leg backward, hinging from your keep with a very stable core (no hyperextension of the back). When your body is making the “T” position, push the bands over your head, keep the tension of trying to pull your hands away from each other. (If your hands are too wide, hold the band closer or get a stronger band).
  • Hollow Rock: Once you’ve mastered the hollow hold and in the rock for an even greater challenge. You are basically using very tiny hip/shoulder movements to get your body rocking, though trying to keep the deep core engaged and not lose your flat lower back position. At one end, your shoulder blades should come off the ground and at the other end, your hips shoulder come up. (Even a glute focused workout can address the whole body!)

Work It Wednesday will feature a new short workout to improve your performance & help prevent injuries in dance! Let us know what you think below!

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Scott DPT

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