Work It – Outdoor Partner Full Body Workout

Get together with a partner for this week’s workout.


It’s summertime and whether you are working hard during a summer season or intensive, or getting some deserved time off. You are probably getting to see friends a bit more regularly, so we have another partner workout for you! It’s quick and can be done anywhere.

For this workout you will be doing 3-5 rounds of each exercise, trying to get as many reps as possible each round. A bit of friendly competition doesn’t hurt, but don’t overdo it, lol.

  • Nordic Hamstring: One of the best exercises to help protect though hamstring from future strains, but not easy by any means. One of you starts on your knees (something soft under your knees), while the other can hold your feet towards the ground, using their bodyweight and legs as needed. Then, keeping the core tight, slowly let your knees straighten with only a little bit of hip flexion (bending). Keep your hands up to protect you and try to go as low as possible. Totally ok if you lose it and go to your hands. It’s still working. Go slow and as low as possible, trying to get back up to the top without losing control.
  • Plank high fives: Give the hamstrings a break with a classic. Get into a plank position and without letting your lower back dip down or your hips rotate from side to side, alternative hands giving your partner a high five. Higher is harder. If It’s too easy, do it with one foot in the air as well!
  • Bridge with Dips: One partner is in the top of a bridge position, with legs slightly wider than normal. The other partner places their hands just above the knee cap so no discomfort on the knee, then walks their feet forward. Go very slow and controlled here, trying not to let the shoulders tilt forward as you lower. Only go as low as comfortable, pause, then return to the start.

Work It Wednesday will feature a new workout  to improve your performance & help prevent injuries in dance! Let us know what you think below!

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Scott DPT

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