Prone Snow Angel – Shoulder Blade Control/Stability

This is great for shoulder health & improving arm position/holds in dance! 

Be sure to give it a try mixed into your conditioning or on its own and let us know what you think.

This week’s move is a great for building your upper back stability, arm control, and general prehab for shoulder/back. Tag someone below you think needs or will enjoy this move!

Start laying on your stomach (prone), with no object on the floor. See if you can lift arms up & slowly reach overhead, keeping arms off the ground. Shoulder blade shoulder rotate up & down, but should not tilt forward (towards the ground).

As this move becomes easy, add progressively higher objects to reach over to increase the challenge. If painful, only go up half way & build up that strength, then slowly increase range of motion from there.

We use this in normal workouts or mixed in for some specific shoulder stability training, Typically it’s no to low weight (2-5lbs) and lower reps (5-10)!

Move It Monday will feature a new exercise movement for you weekly, for all fitness levels, to help improve your safety and performance, especially with dance.



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Scott DPT

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